Reason For Being, 2012

From the stars to the scrap yard.

I was considering the fact that the earth’s elements were formed 4.5 billion years ago from the collapse of dying stars moving through space, with all our precious metals forged ‘in a moment’. This lead to me using recycled metal to develop my concepts. The ‘Dying stars’ are made from old garden hanging baskets that I had collected. As objects they are very aesthetic, especially those with the patina of age. The wire is like my voice around the objects, articulating my thoughts. During the many hours handling this found and recycled material my ideas developed, even interpolating alfoil Easter wrappers into the grand scheme. Some of the wire used has been stripped of plastic coating, hand-wound by someone into bundles: effort has gone into preserving this slight but valuable material.

Planet Castaway

The Meals on wheels aluminium food trays used here are meant to be thrown away after one use which is absurd, but I found it wonderful that these trays were collected, washed and preserved by someone who thought they were too good to toss out. The trays have a short life of one day/one meal but that belies the true value of the precious and finite resources that have gone into making it. When I saw the name ‘Castaway’ and a palm tree pressed into the base of the tray I felt like it was a gift. But it seemed to contain an irony. Castaway clearly means worthless but a palm tree conjured up the idea of an unspoilt tropical island.